Mission, Vision and Values.

United by one common purpose: improving every day.


Our aim is to become the main developers of technological innovation in Argentina, transforming it, through our investments and advances, into contributions to the wellbeing and progress of our people and country. Bringing you innovative solutions and experiences.

We want to be on the vanguard of the transformation of our local and regional industries, crossing borders, training new professionals, and strengthening and protecting our communities.



At Mirgor, we make things happen, with conviction,  adding value to our products and services, building trust and long-standing relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners.



We are transparent because we believe that trust, ethics, and commitment are the pillars of long-standing relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners, professional staff, and the community around us.


We are versatile because we adapt to different environments, keeping up with the pace of the world. We stand out thanks to our discipline to learn every day, which permeates our practices and the commitments we undertake.


We are efficient because we take a pragmatic approach to work and strive for results, which we are able to achieve thanks to our staff’s professionalism and our quality management system. We aim for satisfaction and reliability in everything we do.


We are aware of our role in the world and we act accordingly, encouraging ethics and respect in our relationships with people, the environment, and the communities around us.