At Mirgor we defy technology and transform it into daily experiences that contribute to people’s wellbeing and progress. For over five years, we’ve been in charge of commercially developing Samsung channels with a heavy focus on our users’ experience.

Omnichannel Retailing Mirgor.

Since our clients are our priority, our main focus is bringing them solutions. We have developed a omnichannel system that provide them with answers wherever they are.

Our online channel offers: development and management of our main brands’ official websites.

Integrated Market Places. Our own logistics for product delivery.

Customer Service.

We want each and every one of our customers to enjoy the best and latest developments in the world. This is why our customer service area is the final piece in our omnichannel system.

  • Integrated online and offline support.

  • An in-house pre-sale and after-sale professional team (Samsung official service).

  • An in-house customer experience team that guides customers throughout the purchase and after-sale process.

Our presence.

We have 56 retail stores all over the country where we act as sole agent for Samsung products.