We explore and adopt solutions always with a view to progress.

For over 37 years, meeting our customers’ needs has been one of the main goals at Mirgor. We explore and adopt solutions always with a view to progress. We have six production plants, totaling an area of over 50,000 square meters, in charge of manufacturing and assembling products for the automotive, cell phone, and consumer electronics industries.

Mirgor is one of the first auto parts manufacturers in the country certified by IATF 16949:2016. Today we have specific divisions for the mass manufacturing of technological products with high quality standards.

Our commitment to this sector is such that we’ve been manufacturing original equipment for over three decades. In order to meet our clients’ demands, we have invested in advanced technology equipment for quality control and we have obtained an in-house customs license which has significantly reduced delivery times. Our automotive manufacturing is subdivided into three units: tire mounting, infotainment, and HVAC.


In response to the needs of this sector, we have made large investments in advanced technology equipment for quality control. Additionally, our plastic injection molding system has set us apart from our competitors.


Evolving along with the industry, we developed our first electronic product for the automotive sector.
Multimedia units with a navigation satellite system and the most advanced electronic board in the market manufactured completely in our production facilities.

Mirgor Manufactura

Tire mounting.

Tire mounting is done on a SCHENCK semiautomatic assembly line. This line can lubricate and mount tires on rims automatically, and inflate the tires until the beads are seated in a matter of seconds. It also has an antenna that allows us to measure, through radiofrequency, the tire pressure by reading TPMS valves. Finally, the assembled tires are measured for any imbalances, which are corrected, and then measured again before final dispatch.  The whole process is done in seconds, resulting in a very efficient operation.

As a natural evolution of our services, driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, we are now in charge of manufacturing cell phones. Our production lines, with a daily output of over 15,000 cell phones, allow us to provide for operators, suppliers, and retailers. Combined with our logistics service, deliveries are done most efficiently through every channel of distribution. Our commitment to our clients, together with our own desire for self-improvement, has made it possible for us to currently hold 60% share in the competitive cell phone market.

Mirgor Manufactura

The exploration of new solutions keeps us in constant movement. And that movement has driven us to change, evolve, and advance with every project we undertake. The marketing and manufacturing of our electronic products is constantly pushing us into the future. The production of smart TVs, tablets, and smart phones led us to a new challenge: the in-house manufacturing of electronic boards required by these devices. Our production facilities are certified by ISO 9001 and 14001, which guarantees the quality and technological standards demanded by our clients and ourselves.