At Mirgor we make things happen. We established a logistics business unit to meet our demands at Mirgor and the demands of customers and marketing actors from different sectors. We continue working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to keep improving, growing, and rising to any challenge that comes our way.

Mirlog Logistics.

In early 2019, we established MIRLOG to satisfy our logistics needs, a vital step in the marketing process of our products.

We have our own logistics center in Buenos Aires with an area of 12,000 square meters  and a height of 12 meters, 6000 pallet positions with different configurations, 3000 square meters for bulk storage, five docks for unloading, and electronic security and monitoring 24/7.


Specific activities.

Our specific activities include, among others, goods reception, entry and storage, inventory control, as well as picking and packing orders.

We offer special operations such as sequencing to terminals and automakers, and labeling.

B2B and B2C product distribution and their respective reverse logistics are part of our high quality standard services.

What do we offer?

As your logistics partner, we help you outsource international and national logistics operations and optimize costs in your logistics chain.