Our commitment to quality and our desire to improve every day is such that all the activities we develop are intrinsically oriented towards innovation: innovation in processes, in technologies, and in ideas. We believe future should not be expected, but built. This is why we have created Mirgor Innovation, a central and vital unit in our business to explore new ideas and create solutions.


Mirgor Innovation is made up of a team of great professionals and technicians that plans and carries out projects on electrical, software, and mechanical engineering. Our constant research led us to develop, in a very short period of time, four in-vehicular infotainment platforms, over 500,000 original software lines of codes, and the design of over 200 mechanical parts.

Mirgor Innovation is the business unit that confirms our vocation for improving and adapting to the challenges of the future.

Recent Projects: Artificial Respirators.

Since the beginning of the current pandemic, we set out to advance more aggressively on this respect, and driven by this strong motivation, we got down to business and began manufacturing electro medical equipment.

Thanks to our industrial and technological power, we were able to multiply 20 times our monthly output at Leistung to support and supply the Department of Health in these difficult times.