Building the future.

Mirgor Group.

At Mirgor we push technology forward and transform it into daily experiences that contribute to people’s wellbeing and progress through our highly-efficient quality technological products and services. We want everyone to enjoy the best advances in travel, food, and communication in today’s world.

For 37 years we’ve been integrating and empowering the communities around us, with a strong commitment to improving every day and adapting to different environments and challenges, never losing sight of our dream: building the future.

Mirgor Trabajadores
Mirgor Trabajadores Planta

Leaders in every venture we undertake.

We provide as many services as the world demands. This has driven us to evolve, grow, branch out, and multiply, keeping the same transparency in everything we do and sharing every success with our partners.

Over the years, we have developed a remarkable logistics ability by building strategic alliances with multinational companies from all over the world and a culture of production based on the automotive industry’s high demands.


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